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Down Payment Assistance

As a locally certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), REBOUND sells affordable homes to low and moderate-income households. Our CHDO homes are sold in partnership with the local government and come paired with down payment assistance. For our non-CHDO homes that don’t include down payment assistance let us help connect you to other resources. If one of our homes appeals to you, use the contact form for additional details about the home, and associated program requirements, or down payment assistance.

Lower your financial risks

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DPA funds can be used for down payments or closing costs

Homeownership education through Louisville Urban League


To qualify for Down Payment Assistance programs, you must be a first-time homebuyer. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a first-time homebuyer is someone who has not owned a home in three years. In addition to this requirement, you must meet other criteria, such as minimum household income limit and minimum credit score.

Additional requirements include the completion of our homeownership education courses and  enough personal funds to cover a specified percentage of the purchase price. To check eligibility for DPA funds, please contact us at

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REBOUND new apartments for lease

Temporary Housing

REBOUND can help you design and build the perfect home! REBOUND focuses on acquiring abandoned and vacant properties that can be rehabilitated for resale.  By creating a positive impact in housing and economic development REBOUND continues to assist with helping low-to-moderate income families access quality housing in Historic Urban neighborhoods.

Our latest expansion of Residential Affordable Apartment Homes, provides a safe and healthy living environment to call home, while waiting on your new home to be built.

  • An excellent alternative for homebuyers who are waiting for their new home

  • Live in your temporary apartment while you build up your savings towards homeownership.

Our Partner

We are proud partners with Louisville Urban League, a nonprofit community service organization committed to eliminating racism and reducing its negative impacts on our community. Through our partnership, we have been able to provide affordable housing opportunities to black communities and help marginalized individuals and families achieve their dream of becoming homeowners.

Additionally, our solutions have elevated the standard of living of thousands of people in the black community. What’s more, our partnership with Louisville Urban League enables us to offer several HUD-certified education courses to equip first-time homebuyers with the information they need to take the next big step towards homeownership.

Homebuyer Resources

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Homeownership Education Course

Learn the ins and outs of home buying and home financing processes with the LUL HUD-approved Homeownership Education Courses.

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LUL Financial Coaching

Are you unsure about the process needed to become a homeowner?  We provide coaching services that can help you better understand managing your  finances. From budgeting, taxes, to investing, we have got you covered.

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LUL Homeownership Counseling

Join our Homeownership Counseling courses with one-on-one sessions and a developed action plan to help you meet your desired goals of becoming a homeowner.